Thursday, May 14, 2009

Buying Bread

I don't know if you consumers know or don't know this trick when buying bread. For you guys that don't know, make sure you take note because it's going to be very very useful.

Do anyone realise that there will always be 2 types of clip colour on the same bread brand on the same day?

Yup!! For instance you're going to buy a Gardenia Bread (very famous in Malaysia), go around the stacks and find those 2 color clip. It applies to other brand of bread too. But don't go and compare the clips with one brand to another brand, of course they differ! And don't compare today's and tomorrow's clips, of course they differ too! Make sure it's the same brand on the same day.

The trick is simple, each color shows a different expiry date. Let me ask you, if you have an option to buy something as below, which would you buy?

(A) expiry date - 23rd May 2009
(B) expiry date - 24th May 2009

Of course it'll be (B) rite?! Why buy something that's going to expire early? That is exactly my point! One of the color clip will expire a day earlier, so check first then buy. Simple!

I repeat, the steps are -
1) Pick a brand you would like to buy
2) Search for the two color clip
3) Choose the one that expires last

Anyone done this before?