Friday, June 12, 2009

Giant Hypermarket - Wrong Price for Shallot(Onion)

Dear Consumers,

I always have problems on price tags at supermarkets and starting from today, I will put it on the blog the moment I catch one. Have ever experience the same thing before? I usually get this kind of mistake and it makes me even more mad when it is an everyday item that you buy. (e.g - eggs and onions).

Please take it as a serious matter because we have to think on a broader scope. Don't think like "oh, it's only 5 cents". FYI, 1 type of hypermarkets have an average of 100,000 customers a day! And if you times it with only "the 5 cents" it will end up being RM5,000!!!!

Imagine, how many personnel they can pay? So if you're correcting one mistake, you're actually making a big difference. Please make sure that consumers like you and me do the right thing and stop these "thieves" from taking our "5 cents" or more.

Yesterday, I went to Giant Shah Alam and I was shopping to buy some raw food because one of my old friend might be coming over to my house for dinner. I was shopping and the price for "India Shallot" is stated on the cupboard shown below -

"Picture not available anymore"

It is RM2.49 and at the counter, it end up being RM2.69. Please view the picture below-

"Picture not available anymore"

20 cents!!! Can you believe this!!! Onions!!! How many of us buy onions??? Yes! Everyone who cooks!!! I immediately go to the Customer Service Counter and asked them to correct it!!! What they did??? The usual phrase "Sorry sir, we shall give back the balance difference"

Beware!!!! Let say out of 100,000 consumers yesterday, 20% bought the onion.

20% out of 100,000 = 20,000 consumers

20,000 x 0.20 = RM4,000.00

If they already did it for the past 1 month?

30 x 4,000.00 = RM120,000.00

Do the right thing! Correct the problem. When you think of it, is there any law for these hypermarkets that are stealing from us? What do you think? Please comment.

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