Monday, June 8, 2009

Paying TOLL - Be Aware!

I have been quite busy lately and posting something on this blog has been quite hard. I sincerely apologize and will try my very best to post some good things on consumers rights at least every week.

Have your money been STOLEN before after paying the toll? I went outstation last week to East Coast. FYI paying tolls are quite normal for us Malaysians, especially if you're living in the city (Kuala Lumpur). There were no problem paying the toll on the way there. But on the way back, something went wrong and made me furious.

I always hear people complaining that sometimes the toll personnel do not give back the exact change. The amount(STOLEN) varies around RM0.10 to RM1.00. The best word to describe this incident is STEALING and these people are THIEVES!!!

Imagine how many they can "STEAL" a day -

1 Day = Approximately 5,000 cars pay the TOLL (his/her shift)

STEALS = RM0.10 (we take the minimum)

STEALS Daily = 5,000 X 0.10 = RM500.00

1 Month = 500.00 X 30 = RM15,000.00

1 Year = 15,000.00 x 12 = RM180,000.00

Can you believe this figure?!! These thieves are making more than an engineer(me)!!! Arghhh!!!

My sister was robbed RM1 last month and knowing that she already drove far, she just insisted on calling the toll office and the best thing they can say is "You can come to the office and we shall give back your RM1" "Please count the change every time before you leave the toll booth".

Tell me, who the h*ll have time to turn back, spend 30 minutes at the office to fill in the forms and wait for approval ONLY BECAUSE OF RM1!!! Or even RM0.10!!! The petrol itself cost more than that!!!

I have never been robbed before but last week, at the GOMBAK TOL (the last booth on your left hand side). The personnel give back my balance of RM4 (supposed to be RM5) in RM1 notes. I usually count the balance but thinking it was school holiday and the queue was very long plus "never been cheated before" I drove off.

Looking at the notes, I had the feeling to count it. I was stunned to know that it is only RM4!!! I immediately stop my car on the side of the road and walked to the booth counter. IT WAS MORE THAN 100 meters!!! I was furious and believe that this THIEF must be taught a lesson!!!

As I reach there, I scolded him and ask him to return back my RM1. He said "I made a mistake, I miscounted, I'm sorry" in a very pity way. I scolded him again, took his picture, and told him that I shall report him to the authority (just to make him scared).

Will the management do anything? What do you think? Or should I make a police report? Will anything be done for the stolen RM1? What if after the investigation they conclude that he really miscounted?(I bet that will be the answer) There is no strong evidence to put these thieves behind bars. They'll just slip away happily and start doing it again the next day.

What can we do?

Count the balance, take your time, then drive.
The other car behind, please be patient and do not horn. Because you'll be next and you will also want to take your time to count your balance too.

If the balance is wrong, be furious!

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