Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Turning Back...

This topic might make you readers think what does it have to do with Our Rights. Lol!

I would like to talk about things or services that you bought and cannot do anything if something bad happens along the way. Hmmm...Maybe I'm not being so clear about this topic. Let me just give you 2 examples then-

Example 1:
Your photographer came late for your wedding ceremony. They were supposed to come at 8am to take photographs of "the special moments" before the ceremony but end up coming late!

Example 2:
You ordered cupcakes online for a gathering, agreed to pick it up at 2pm tomorrow. The moment you're there to pick up the order, the baker forgotten and ask you to come at 4pm!

These are examples of "No Turning Back" cases because there are no options at the end if s**t happens.

For example 1, it happened previously at my friends wedding. He was so pissed off! Can you imagine that happening to you? The most memorable day of your life wasn't captured! What options does he have? He already paid a deposit for it. He cannot say "get out, I don't want you!" as it will be a waste and by letting them take photographs at least there's some high pixels pictures at the end of the day. Can he show that he's pissed? No! It will spoil the wedding mood.

For example 2, it happen to me and my wife. We were getting the cuppies on the way to the gathering and the baker told us she forgot and ask us to pick it up after 4pm. The best part is she asked us "Is it ok?". I was like "Hello! Do you see us having other options?". It's a pot luck gathering and are we suppose to go there empty handed? We already paid the full amount online! We end up saying 'ok'. So in the middle of the gathering we race back to the house shop to pick it up. Luckily....and thank god luckily it was near and the cuppies were quite cute too :) But what a waste of time!

After giving a good though of these 2 incidents. I can conclude that these "seller" lack of professionalism. Yes! Lack of Professionalism is the best word to describe these incidents. The best thing that you may get out of it is some discount. (Well, we didn't manage to get one though!)

How to prevent it from happen? Easy!!!!

First, make sure you call them again and again and again until they shout at you "I know!!!!, I remember!!!!, Please don't call again!!!!" And if they still cannot deliver!!! Definitely born stupid!!! (Sorry if you think that this word is inappropriate) May god have mercy on their souls!!!

Second, think back, it's a very important event and you may not even want one single glitch to happen. Pay more and hire a professional! Well, it's pricey of course but it will be worth every single penny. There's a saying "CHEAP thing not GOOD!, GOOD thing not CHEAP!" but this doesn't apply to all though.

Hey! Maybe I'll write something about this saying....

Any other ideas on how to prevent this "No Turning Back" situation?

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  1. Ideas: Hm.. maybe we should asked other friends, or get TRUE testimonial about the service offered/what kind of person the photographer are. etc.

    Tapi, dah bende nak jadik kan..
    Maybe kita kena ada backup plan..