Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wrong Price Tags at Carrefour

How can this happen?? I feel pissed off when they put the wrong price tags! Please view the picture below -

"Picture not available anymore"

It's an item I always buy (red box) and the price should be RM8.20 per box! Do you think the picture is bad? See how lazy they are putting the price tags -

"Picture not available anymore"

The price tags are all RM10.99. I was shocked and called the person in charge and they change it back to it's normal price. The drama didn't stop there. They changed the price to RM8.70 for the red box. Please look at the price below -

"Picture not available anymore"

If we do the math right (I did it again and again just to make sure I'm not half crazy) it should end up like this -

1 bottle = RM 0.70
12 bottle = 1 Carton
1 Carton = 12 x RM0.70 = RM 8.40

I always buy this RO WATER and it always cost less if we buy a box (in this case, 1 carton = 12bottles) and now they are charging me more! For what? For a box that I will eventually throw away once I pulled out all the bottles as I reach home?

I talked to the Customer Service and all they can do is give my 30 cents back. As if I am buying the thing per bottle. Arghhh!!! Is it right for them to simply play around the price?

Carrefour have an average 10,000 customers each day. If 5% of the total customers bought a box of what I bought today? That will be each 500 customers being cheated off 30 cents and in this case, MORE! (Because the price I always buy is RM8.20)

Ladies and gentlemen, calculate the small figure into a month! and you'll end up having RM4,500.00!!!!! Enough to pay a Managers salary!!!!

How bout a year then? --> RM54,000.00!!!!!

Please think and act to small change because...
..."a little change, can change a lot!"

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  1. Letih dah nak gaduh dgn supermarket Bie... sib baik u rajin...glad having u as my partner...

  2. Yeah i HATE this thing also.
    They always charge differently..
    Most customers doesn't check at the price, to calculate one-by-one, but I do!
    **Dont mess with me!

    Man, you HAVE to tell this to every single paper so that other consumers would me more alert.
    We, as SMART consumer (ehem2) should go spread the word. kan kan?

    pst: wahh loving2 plak :P