Thursday, April 2, 2009

Carrefour - Pamphlet Incident

Carrefour is one of the largest supermarkets in Malaysia and my wife and I are big fans of Carrefour. The reason? The RO Water taste nice comparing it to Tesco and Giant. lol! This incident happened last year where the pamphlets distributed before entering the supermarket was printed wrongly. Two items, a Barbie Doll and a Remote Control Car was displayed on the 1st page of the pamphlet. The problem; the price was accidentally swapped.

And whose problem was it? It's their problem! A problem between Carrefour and the printing company appointed. And the most funniest part is, guess how they settled the problem? They photostatted the 1st page of the pamphlet on an A4 paper and displayed it ONLY on the Customer Service Counter. You might be imagining a counter full of A4 paper rite? Hell no! (Sorry, flashbacks makes me mad) They only put ONE A4 paper!

I always make a habit to take the pamphlet and browse through it to see which item matches our buying list (this time, they were distributing it!) So without any hesitation my eyes were automatically focused on the Barbie Doll as it was cheap (and printed big too). Our niece's birthday was just right around the corner and we were thinking that this was perfect timing!

At the checkout counter, drama happened! The guy told me that this price was impossible for the Barbie Doll. We waited as he double checked the price and end up bringing me another Barbie Doll and told me "The price your saying is referring to this doll, there must be a mistake on the pamphlet" Hello! That doll looks ugly! I don't want my niece end up thinking "I have a cheapskate uncle". Oh no!

This is where my communication skills kicks in. This is how the story goes (I altered it a little bit coz I bet you may feel boring if I put in the whole conversation, the whole process took almost 1hour)-

Me -"I will definitely won't take that doll because it is not the same picture in the pamphlet"

Counter Boy - "Yes, I can see. Can you please proceed to the Customer Service Counter(CSC)"

So I went to the CSC and a lady was there. I just realised the small photostatted A4 paper, according to them is the correction and I though it was totally ridiculous.

Lady - "May I help you sir?"

Me - "Yes please, I have bought this doll as per stated in the pamphlet and I end up paying more. As you can see, I am buying exactly the same as per displayed in the picture"

Lady - "We are sorry sir. We already made the correction here"
(pointing the one and only photostatted A4 paper in front of the counter)

Me - "How can this happen? I feel cheated"

Lady - "There were a problem with the printing company sir. We are very sorry"

Me - "Are you saying that your problem is also mine? Can you please call the manager?"

Lady - "Hold on sir"

So me and my wife waited for quite a while and when the manager came.

Manager - "Sorry sir, I was with another customer just now, may I know how may I assist you?"
I told him the same story again. Regarding the pamphlet, the price, that I felt cheated and as one of the biggest supermarket this kinda problem your facing with your printing company was not supposed to be put on your customer. A big waste of time, at the checkout, at the CSC, and waiting for you (When meeting the Manager, always make time as your bullet, it always hits a bulls eye). I end up saying -

Me - "You know what I will do? I will not approve the pamphlets and ask them to reprint. 'not my problem, your problem'. I don't know, if you accidentally accept it because you didn't realize the problem in the 1st place. I will stop distributing it"

You know what he did? He didn't do what I told him to. Surprisingly, he went to the CSC and took the photostatted A4 paper, and throw it away. Told the counter to follow exactly the price stated in the pamphlet. He thanked me and went off. WOW! Mr. Manager, I salute you!!!

I got a refund and everyone who bought that Barbie Doll on that day should come and thank me! lol!

So fight for your right!


  1. Sokie got the Barbie Doll! Sokie, once you grow up and can read, you should love your uncle & auntie more! hehehe... ;D

  2. That is what a manager should do!
    Just hope that he is not just acting in front of you. lol

    **jahatnye daku